Courses and workshops

Cristina offers the following courses and workshops. (Note: All courses could vary their content and time schedule, upon the institution´s and group´s needs).

Japanese Literature

• Course and workshop: “Japanese Poetry Brief Genres (Haikai: tanka, haiku, senryū, haiga, amongst others)” See More

• Course: “How to read Murakami and other Japanese authors” See More

Creative Writing

• Creative Writing Workshop (prose and poetry) See More

• Course and workshop: “How to build a fiction character” See More

• Course and workshop of Narrative Genres (short story, flash fiction, novel, autobiography, script, essay, and so on) See More

• Course and Workshop: How to write a Short Story See More

• Course and Workshop: How to write a Novel See More

Literary Translation

• Ludic Workshop of Literary Translation See More

Economics of the Arts

• Lecture: “The economics of the arts and culture” See More

List of institutes where Cristina has taught courses and workshops