To understand the Economics of the Arts

7Nostra Ediciones, México, DF, 2009
De la Serie “Para entender…” (From the collection “To understand…”)

The time where the arts were appreciated only for beauty, rarely understood in its role in economics and development, has been left behind. Today it is well recognized that the arts are a cultural and economic good and, as such, it has become a matter of study for the economic science. Therefore, public policy and cultural programs have been defined, oriented to promote and consolidate the cultural industries worldwide. In this book, the most relevant debates around the logic of artistic production and its relation with the state are analyzed, gathering the principal definitions and concepts arising in this economic discipline. Furthermore, the general characteristics of each artistic discipline are explored, and research methods in its study are well presented. This makes this publication an essential material to bring closer the world of economics of the arts to cultural managers, economists, intermediaries and creators.. ” –

 Serie Para Entender (Book collection “To understand…”), Nostra Ediciones.

Extracts from the book
Para entender… La economía del Arte:

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